All the music award shows have been trending recently, albeit virtual, as fans have been starving to see what’s up with their favorite stars. In basically back to back weeks, the Latin Grammys took place in Miami followed by the American Music Awards show in Los Angeles. Television ratings were off the charts for both shows, giving folks a break from the realities of a pandemic that has affected the entire world.

Puerto Rico’s Bad Bunny (aka Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio) grabbed the spotlight in the Latin Grammys, as he was nominated in three categories…Record of the Year with “Veta,” Album of the Year for “YHLQMDLG” and a mix with J Balvin in a the hit song “Oasis.” But the 26 year old artist hit pay dirt in the AMA show, taking home two trophies for Favorite Album and song “Pero Ya No,” plus the coveted title of Favorite Male Artist.

The AMA viewers were most infatuated however, by the appearance of Jennifer Lopez and Colombia’s Maluma. They gave a steamy performance to promote their new production “Marry Me,” scheduled for release in May 2021. And if you decide to check out the film next year, call a baby sitter and leave the kids at home.

The couple performed a pair of beautifully choreographed arrangements to hit songs “Pa Ti” and “Lovely.” I was a bit shocked though, watching J Lo slide into some provocative positions in a semi-see through dress that seemed inappropriate for prime time television. Still, the production was smooth and captivating with the finale having the twosome seated back to back in opposite directions.

The film “Marry Me” centers around a Latina pop star named Kat Valdez (Lopez) falling in love with playboy Bastian (Maluma) in New York City. The equally famous twosome were set to be married before a live audience on stage, that is until Valdez discovers her mate has been cheating on her. So in an act of revenge, she randomly picks a fan from the crowd to share vows instead.

The film’s promoters have descried it as a romantic comedy, whatever that means, but has created a substantial amount of curiosity. Not only that, but “Marry Me” is chuck full of vocals by both super stars, which makes the final product more intriguing. It’s also a great opportunity for Maluma (aka Juan Luis LondoƱo Arias), a Medellin born recording artist who is looking to enhance his acting career. Lopez, 51, is old enough to be Maluna’s mother, which is another interesting twist.

In real life, J Lo is engaged to former baseball star Alex Rodriguez, but their high profile wedding has been put on hold due to the Coronavirus.

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