For the frustrated sports fan badly in need of a “fix” due to the coronavirus, we’ll try to give you a capsule look at the latest buzz. And you’ll be interested to know that while there is no current activity on the field, there’s plenty of blockbuster contract news.

In the NFL, the headlines are all about aging super star quarterbacks, present and past. Former Los Angeles Chargers iron man Philip Rivers has inked a one year deal with the Indianapolis Colts for $25 million. Top dog free agent Tom Brady, 42, has bid adios to the New England Patriots and will now captain the ship for the Tampa Bay Bucs. Drew Brees, 41, will remain in New Orleans after signing a two year, $50 million pact with the Saints. And former Dallas Cowboy signal-caller Tony Romo will continue to hang out in the CBS broadcast booth. Football’s most famous Mexican-American will rake in $17 million as the network’s first string analyst. Tony talks a bit too much, but has the amazing ability to predict plays before they happen, and keeps viewers well entertained.

The current NBA season remains on hold as the list of players diagnosed with COVID-19 continues to grow. The latest “name” athlete to become ill is Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets, along with three of his teammates.

All 30 MLB teams will each set aside one million dollars to compensate it’s ticket sellers, ushers and concessions vendors for lost wages as opening day continues to be pushed back. And happy birthday to flamboyant relief pitcher Fernando Rodney, who turned 43 on March 18th. The Dominican has played for 11 different teams and won his first World Series ring with the Washington Nats last season. However, Rodney is once again a free agent and wonders is the delay in the 2020 campaign will eventually end his lengthy career.

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