Move over Whataburger, Jack in the Box, McDonald’s, Burger King, Dairy Queen and the rest of fast food chains that offer, gimmicks, toys and expanding menus. Gringos and Latinos seem to agree that In N Out Burgers, a no frills chain known simply for its juicy “Double-Doubles”, homemade fries and thick shakes is the number one food outlet in America. And Hispanics have taken the honors a bit further, calling In N Out tops in family dining. The survey was conducted by, a leading voice of consumers in the food industry. Yes, we are approaching the holiday season when tamales are a traditional favorite, and that will never change. But Hispanics are definitely developing an addiction for typical American cuisine.

In N Out Burgers has 347 locations throughout the southwest in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Oregon, but the chain’s expansion into Texas have surpassed all expectations. Satellite franchises first sprouted in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio with rave reviews. But when In N Out said hello to Houston with two new spots on November 22nd, all hell broke loose. In America’s most diverse city, folks lined up as early as 4 am for the unique burger experience. And by lunch time. the drive through lanes had a wait time of nearly one hour.

This culinary delight is what the name suggests…you go in and try to get out. The customer can fight the crowd and order inside, or wait in their vehicle. The dining experience begins when you get home, clear the table and enjoy burger utopia. While the menu seems simple, you can custom order your burger and sides. Your Double-Double comes with two beef patties and two slices of cheese. Or you can get a Triple-Triple. Onions, tomato and Thousand Island-style sauce that comes on the sandwich. But you can hold those condiments, or add chopped chilies, other veggies, or a veggie burger without the beef. Your fries can be extra crispy and include chili or chili cheese. And the shakes can also be custom made with root beer, a chocolate-vanilla swirl or other combos like neapolitan. There are also kid friendly burgers and sides to help balance the budget.

In N Out fans can almost be described as a cult following, and further expansion is certain now that Latinos are on a bandwagon. While fast food restaurants offering tacos and burritos continue to attract a broad clientele, the popularity of burger chains with Hispanic-Americans shows a common connection. We are all here together…

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